After the Ending, In the Beginning

So I’ve recently moved away from my beloved state of California to the lesser known, but beautiful state of Idaho. My job(s) keep me so very busy, but on my days off I fill my friendless void by pretending I’m bosom friends with Giada De Laurentiis, Ree Drummond, and Melissa d’Arabian. Ina Garten is too great for just friendship. She’s an idolized role model. In other words, Food Network is an incomparable companion to a companionless girl, as is my kitchen.

Since graduating in April, my thoughts have been pondering the cliché question that weighs heavy on most every recent graduate’s mind: What am I going to do with the rest of my life? I majored in English, but I can’t very well read books for a living. Cue the “I-told-you-so’s” from the people who questioned why I chose such a major. I’m throwing around some options at the moment; I’ll figure it out eventually…I hope.  But if you were to ask me what my dream job would be, I would have to bashfully tell you that I just want to watch Food Network, bake, and exercise for a living. My passions are food and fitness—two things that can really offset each other, if I’m honest. Really, let’s run 6 miles then go eat a whole box of cereal and half a bag of rice chips. Hunger is a real thing. Anyway, back to my life’s dream…  I want to get paid to cook, run, and eat. Can I please please please have a cooking show? That would be great. Awesome. The best.

Since this dream isn’t likely to come true anytime soon, maybe it’s time that I pour even more effort and energy into what I enjoy doing most. Look at my Instagram and you’ll see lots of random pictures, but food and nature pictures dominate the bunch. I love hiking and capturing the gorgeous serenity of nature. That’s where the other half of my blog title comes in: Nikes. I adore Nikes.  So that’s what this is all about. I’m in a transitional stage of life right now, but my passions stay the same, some of the only constants to remain. Fitness and food make me happy, and I know they are common language for many many people around the world. So join me!  I’ll be running through nature and cooking in the kitchen, and I would be more than honored to have you along for the journey.



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