This Venerable, Beautiful City: Perugia


I am continually looking forward to these weekends away. My love for traveling is continually being fueled; I am convinced that it will never die. The weekends provide time for me to rejuvenate after long days at school and to meet new friends. I can’t express how great this experience has been so far.


This past weekend, I and three other American girls decided to take it easy in Perugia. None of us truly knew much about Perugia other than it’s reputation for chocolate. Chocolate and wine? That’s good enough for me. I found out later that Perugia is now known for something other than wine, and that is it’s association with the Amanda Knox situation. I have to admit, knowing that information did give me a ghostly feeling. But that aside, Perugia is beautiful. By now we should all be saying, “What Italian city isn’t?” I sincerely believe that we would be hard-pressed to find an old Italian city that doesn’t have a lovely feeling and beautiful complexion about it.



Perugia, near Assisi, in the Italian region of Umbria, does not need to boast about it’s amazing views. I’ll do that for her. Every city seems to have a high point that lends itself to breathtaking, picture-worthy scenery, and Perugia was no exception. I believe that every city has a personality, and Perugia struck me as a sleepy little country town, one that yawns upon waking from a nap, stretches her arms, and is content to remain in her comfortably warm bed while the wind swirls outside. That, to me, is Perugia.


There really isn’t that much to do there, or so it seemed. Maybe it only seemed that way because of the extreme wind and cold. I jest not when I say that my face blew off. Such wind! Oy!

The most memorable thing about this trip for me was that I made three great new traveling buddies. We walked around the small historical center, ate at an amazing restaurant with great wine and a wall of windows that gave us a wonderful view of the landscape around Perugia, and even managed to crash a big Italian graduation party at a local club. It definitely was a memorable trip with these girls, and more are in sight.


Photo cred: Ashley Brader

One more thing. On the train ride home, though I was struggling to keep my eyes open (these weekends mean little sleep), I saw the sun shining through the giant puffs of clouds. And it set me thinking. Around here in Fermo, the weather has been characterized by clouds and rain, more clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds, rain, and cold. Which are all good things—when you don’t have to walk in them or wait 45 minutes for a bus in them. I, a professed lover of clouds and rain, actually felt like seeing sun might be refreshingly nice. The scene from the train was gorgeous. The green hills being stroked by transparent beams of delicate sunlight—utterly serene. I have never seen the sun shine so beautifully as it does here in Italy. The grass literally is greener here.

That’s a fact.

So, I’m done. I thought that I would give you all a break from the novels I have been writing! Enjoy!


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