This Venerable, Beautiful City: Capri

The time has come for me to finally share another stage of my last great Italian adventure. As I have mentioned before, I am slow to write about the end because, it’s just that—the end. For a little while at least. Part of the fun about sharing via blog is that I can experience the beautiful memories all over again. I’m sitting here smiling like an idiot as I look through these pictures and remember that ever so wonderful day. So here it goes. I can’t get over this picture. I mean, really????


Our last day in the Amalfi Coast was spent taking a day trip from Positano to the nearby island of Capri. I have one word to describe Capri and Anacapri—gorgeous. No words, or even pictures, can accurately describe the natural beauty of this island. From the dazzling blue water to the unbelievable views from the top of the island, Capri is definitely one of my top three favorite sites in all of Italy. No wonder Capri was once the summer home of Emperor Tiberius. His villa is still there to be toured, but unfortunately, I did not have enough time to wander through it. Oh well. I guess that means I’ll have to go back. Darn.



But our whole experience of touring Capri was amazing and fun. We started around 9 in the morning, by getting on a tour boat that took us to the Capri and let us trek around for four hours, which was enough time to stroll through Capri, grab a pastry (even though we just had breakfast), and hop on an inexpensive bus that took us to the top of Anacapri for life-changing views and a delicious though expensive lunch. Watch out for those recruiting servers. But who can go to Capri and not have a Caprese salad? Gosh, I love real mozzarella.



These views from Anacapri are so worth the price ferry or private tour, don’t you think? From this point, we could see Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. This was one of those moments, those moments of intense gratefulness when all I can do is just stand there, breathe in the Italian air, and think, “Wow. I’m really here. I’m here looking at things I’ve only read about.” I wondered what it would have been like to actually see Vesuvius spew forth its anger from the island of Capri. Also, you know I’m all about the views, and this one is a stunner. Just when I think I hadn’t seen anything as beautiful as the last view, another one comes up and knocks the wind out of me.



After lunch, we got back on our boat. Apparently, Ashley and I didn’t get the memo that this was a couple’s cruise. It really wasn’t, but everybody was being so cute and loving that we felt super out of place. But we met a generous couple from San Diego who paid for our taxi ride to the center of Capri and had the opportunity of seeing the most adorable young Italian couple of our lives (whom we saw again in Naples, coincidentally).

Our guide then took us to the other side of Capri where we were able to go inside the cave of wonders, otherwise known as the Blue Grotto. In order to safely get inside the Blue Grotto, we had to get really cozy on the bottom of a little row boat as another guide pulled us through the tiny entrance in the massive rock. Once inside the Blue Grotto, the light from the tiny entrance reflects on the water and the supposed algae underneath to make the water seem to glow a deep blue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a truer blue before in my life. All the while, our little Italian guide was channeling his inner Dean Martin and serenading us with songs that echoed throughout the cave. It was definitely a memory and worth the entrance fee.


After the Blue Grotto, our previous guide whisked us back through the salty sea air to Positano, where we jumped to the dock, wind-blown, sunburned, but genuinely happy about our decision to spend 50 euro on a private boat tour to Capri. Then we sped off to torture ourselves with the Positano stairmaster steps one last time and catch a bus to Sorrento in order to get to sketchy Naples by 9 pm. But not before grabbing some gelato, of course.


It probably seems like I exaggerate my love for these places, but I honestly am not trying to be hyperbolic. If you come to southern Italy, please go to Positano and take a day trip to Capri. I do not regret it one bit. In fact, when I go back to Italy, it is one my list of experiences to repeat.  (Along with a million other things.) Italy is a beautiful country all the way through, and Capri is an extra sparkly little gem.


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